The VIPs of Innovation – an Exclusive Network of Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Cincinnati, OH – November 28, 2017 – VIPs of Innovation is an exclusive program offered to innovative entrepreneurs worldwide, carefully chosen by Zoozler’s selection committee. Members have access to a large network of investors and a unique array of substantial benefits to significantly reduce the cost of running their companies.

The program boasts a fixed membership fee, with no additional cost to members, as well as access to significant services and benefits, including:

  • Either $500 of free video services or business consultation services
    • Major rate benefits in:
    • Rent
    • Advisory board matching
    • Legal services
    • Insurance
    • CPA services
    • CFO services
    • Recruiting services
    • HR services
    • Marketing services
    • Tech development services
    • Design
    • Videography
    • Fundraising services
    • Sales services
    • etc.
  • You also gain VIP access to select startup networking events
  • Zoozler’s online investor matching program
  • Marketing rights to highlight membership in Zoozler VIPs of Innovation
  • Featured in select Zoozler promotional materials

“The vast majority of companies fail because their founders lack the ability to focus,” says Paul Powers, CEO of Zoozler. “Having spent years working with hundreds of startups, we’ve decided to create a unique program that would help give the right means to entrepreneurs so they have the clarity, confidence, and support to grow highly successful businesses.”

Applying is designed to be as simple as possible:

Email Paul Powers directly at, or call +1-513-828-7398.
A member of the Zoozler selection committee must interview the applicant (by phone or in-person).
If any additional information is needed, it will be requested in the interview.
Reviews take place regularly, generally at least once per month.
The main attributes that will be evaluated are the founder or team, commitment to their company, the merit of the company’s proposition and the founder’s/team’s ability to make their company succeed.

Jingle & Mingle – Networking Event

Tech the halls with Zoozler this holiday season at the most festive networking event in Cincinnati. Enjoy free drinks and appetizers while schmoozing in a winter wonderland.

Cincinnati OH – November 17, 2017 – As the year comes to a close, we’d like to take a look back at all of the great accomplishments of the Cincinnati Startup community. From funding and innovation, to new employees and building a wonderful community, there are so many things to celebrate this year.

Join us for a special networking event, and make sure to bring your holiday cheer, as we will also be collecting donations for Child Focus, Inc. Holiday Giving Tree Program. Although it is not necessary, we would like to encourage you to bring non-perishable food, or personal care items to be donated.

Child Focus Inc. is a local non-profit providing comprehensive solutions and supportive services to children and their families across Ohio. To learn more about Child Focus Inc, please click here:

Event details:

When: Thursday, December 7th from 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Zoozler, 18 W 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Why: Networking, holiday cheer, free food and drink


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Juble it! Wins Big at Tech Summit

Juble It
Our friend and client, Paolo Dominguez, and his team at Juble it! were the recipients of the “Big Idea Award” at the 2017 ComSpark Innovation Tech Summit.

Cincinnati OH – October 3, 2017 – Hundreds of guests gathered last week in Mason for the 2017 ComSpark Innovation Tech Summit. The annual two-day trade show brings together a myriad of tech companies, startups, investors, and students, all for one purpose – innovation.

ComSpark provides a platform for the growing Cincinnati tech community to celebrate accomplishments, milestones, and innovation, through their website, events, and more. This year’s summit welcomed vendors such as Zoozler, and Physna, speakers and discussions featuring prominent executives from the Cincinnati area, and startup booths, for small companies to attract more business and spread awareness.

Among the startups in attendance was Juble it! – the social media button enabling people to spread their appreciation for things they love on the web through small donations or tips. Helmed by Paolo Dominguez, also named the 2017 Rising Tech Star, Juble it! was granted the Big Idea Award.

Follow their journey through their website and social media, as they prepare to present at the 2018 StartupGrind Global Conference in Silicon Valley.

Questions With Founders: Scott Boots, i-1-1

Ethan Smith sat down for a chat with Scott Boots, the co- founder and CEO of i-1-1, an app helping 911 be more effective, to learn a little more about what keeps the innovative entrepreneur motivated.

Can you give me a quick pitch of what i-1-1 is, Scott? Explain it as if I’ve never heard a single thing about it.

“i-1-1 is the ‘personal crisis app.’ It allows users to contact 911 in ten seconds, for any emergency you would normally need to call 911 for. If your life is at risk, be it a heart attack, car accident, mass violence, fire, or any other situation that calls for emergency response crews, i-1-1 provides rapid GPS location to the call-center operator. Using location-based services in the app delivers a more accurate location than a standard call, and helps save more lives.”

How is the app more accurate than a phone call? Do operators not already have my location?

“80% of the calls to 911 use triangulation – bouncing signals from different cell towers to get a rough estimate of where you are. Triangulation isn’t very accurate – that’s why you’re always asked to provide your exact location when you call 911.”

Can’t you text 911 now? Surely they can track you pretty easily with that…

“Actually, only about 10%-14% of 911 call-centers accept texts. It’s been imposed that all call centers have to accept texts by the year 2021, but only about 20% of texts have any use of location services. You would think that in 2017, we would have something better or more accurate than the same system we’ve been using since 1971. There are a lot of barriers that stand between callers and operators, but determining location should not be one of them. Every 53 minutes, someone dies because 911 can’t find them. If we can implement the technology that already exists, we could help save actual lives. ”

That’s around 10,000 lives every year. Is reducing that number what keeps you motivated?   

“What keeps me going is that I know i-1-1 will improve emergency response. If a bomb threat is called into a school, that school immediately goes on lockdown and the teachers scramble to keep their students safe. Most of the time, the teachers and students have no clue what’s going on, sometimes for hours, and hide until rescue comes to tell them it’s safe. i-1-1 can provide real-time information and break down communication barriers to keep emergency crews and users within a 3-mile radius safe and informed.”

Since you have such a passionate project, is there any advice you could give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

“I would tell future entrepreneurs that you have to be ready to make sacrifices and give a large piece of yourself in order to complete your project. Your journey will add stress to your relationships, money, time, and your sanity. Sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster between genius and insane, and while there were many moments I was ready to give up, I knew I had to persevere to get the job done.

I would also say that having the right team can take you a long way – or that ‘different ingredients make the soup better.’ You won’t be able to do it alone, so finding the right collaborators to help you get where you need to be is huge. Without a team to support you and add new perspectives, you’re prone to making errors, and that will make progress take infinitely longer.”

The 10-Second Solution to Preventing Tragedy

zoozler cop car
Zoozler teams up with i-1-1 to bring a mobile app to consumers, enabling users to contact emergency services in 10 seconds, no matter the type of crisis.

Cincinnati, OH – August 1, 2017 – In the wake of tragedies such as school shootings or mass violence, and other emergencies like auto accidents, domestic violence, overdoses, and more, it has become abundantly apparent that something needs to change. Scott Boots, co-founder and CEO of the i-1-1 app aims to be that change.

i-1-1 is a mobile app making emergency reporting quicker, more accurate, and also helping people stay updated when near a danger situation. The user-friendly interface allows for quick navigation and a simple way to report an emergency in just a few taps. Using location-based technology, i-1-1 is designed to save lives by accurately providing the location of the user or the emergency.

Data shows that a standard call or text to 911 does not always accurately share your location, if it even shares it at all. When in extreme panic, unfamiliar surroundings, or an exceedingly dangerous situation, it may be hard to communicate your location with an operator.

“Every 53 minutes, someone dies because 911 couldn’t find them,” says Boots. “On a call, you can be located about 80% of the time – this number drops to 20% for text. The technology used by call centers is old and outdated, and people rely on it to save their lives, not die because they couldn’t be located.”

Instead of bouncing signals from cell towers in an attempt to triangulate a caller’s location, i-1-1 utilizes GPS to determine the user’s exact location. The app then alerts all other users within a 3-mile radius of the emergency using an advanced algorithm.

“What if an ambulance makes a wrong turn? What if an air care helicopter can’t land nearby? What if you’re on vacation and don’t speak English well enough to share your location?” questions Boots. “The technology that can fix these problems already exists, it just has to be implemented. That’s where i-1-1 comes in – as a tool to assist people in getting help when they need it most.”

You can expect the full launch of i-1-1 in Q4 of 2017.




For further information regarding this release, please contact:


Ethan Smith


Questions with Founders: Paolo Dominguez, Juble it!

Ethan Smith sat down for a chat with Paolo Dominguez, the founder and CEO of Juble it!, a social button helping to give back to content creators, to learn a little more about what keeps the innovative entrepreneur motivated.

Startup Business

Paolo, can you explain to me why you decided to be an entrepreneur?

“As a part of my MBA at the University of Cincinnati, I enrolled in an entrepreneurship course that required the class to create a business plan and go through all the different aspects of creating a business, then pitch our ideas during a venture competition. Out of 225 schools in the world, our group was one that was picked to present at the competition, and while we didn’t win, we still got a grant from UC to start our venture. I had always liked being able to take an idea from scratch and create a viable product, and that experience helped ignite a passion and provided a path for me to get started.”

Oh, wow, that’s actually really exciting. What was your project?

“We created an idea called i-Shopper – it was a touch-screen attached to shopping carts that would help shoppers navigate the store, provide coupons, and display ads. This was before everyone had smartphones, so at the time, it was really cool.”

Since you’ve been an entrepreneur for more than a decade, what keeps you motivated?

“Having the passion to create my own dream instead of working to create the dream of someone else. I’ve always felt that I was lacking something when working for a boss of some sort, and I wanted to create my own legacy. Having said that, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without the skills and expertise I picked up in my professional career, so taking the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship had a lot to do with readiness. What I’ve learned over the years is that being an entrepreneur doesn’t work very well if you’re doing it on the side – going all-in with your venture and taking a leap of faith will allow you to do your very best and keep moving forward.”

So what’s next for you, Paolo?

“I want Juble to be a commonly used verb like ‘Google.’ Today, there is no word in the English language that means; I want to celebrate you, this, or that, by giving a token of appreciation. Donation and Tip are all associated with someone ‘asking’ you, rather than you freely giving on your own accord. It’s the feel-good, completely voluntary ‘give back’ that you want to celebrate. That’s why I created the name Juble it! as it stems from the word Jubilate!

While our initial focus is in the digital world, Juble it! will also take shape in the physical world as well. Visiting a national park? Instead of dropping a dollar in the beat up box at the visitor center, take out your mobile phone and Juble it! Taking a picture of the Grand Canyon? Juble it! and send the proceeds to a non-profit preservation organization. At a street performance? Juble it! to give back to the artist instead of dropping money into a hat…and oh by the way, see where they are performing next.

All of these small donations add up when they are aggregated together; especially for the smaller guys. We have a saying at Juble it!; small change equals big change.”

Juble It

Speaking of ‘smaller guys,’ do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“It definitely helps to have experience in the industry you’re trying to innovate in. Having passion to add to that experience is the perfect combination – find a problem in your industry or in an area you absolutely love and find a new way to fix it. Once you have your grand idea, you have to fully commit and focus on your venture to be successful. The difference between a ‘wantrepreneur’ and an entrepreneur is dedication – give it your all and don’t be afraid to fail.”

For more information on the product, visit

Opening the Door to More Hands-Free Tasks in the Workplace

Application Development
A new service, Build-a-Butler, offers custom Smart Home applications to small- and medium-sized businesses. Developing “butlers” on devices like the Google Home, Amazon Echo, Nest, and more, Build-a -Butler is automating controls for office environment settings, scheduling and booking programs, feedback gathering, and will even build you a “fun butler.”

Cincinnati, OH – June 5, 2017 – As an offering from members of the Cincinnati-based tech development company, Zoozler, Build-a-Butler is an on-demand smart home application development service to further ease business functions and help companies move further into the digital space.

Using devices such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, and many more, Build a Butler allows you to select the type of device you are using, or would like to be using, and have custom services programmed to build your very own electronic butler.

The vast range of services your butler is able to perform stretches from device management, like controlling lights, thermostats, and door locks, all the way to automating new employee onboarding, ordering products & materials, booking reservations or meetings, and more.

“Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular,” explains Zoozler’s Head of Advanced Technology, Jordan Crone. “The problem is that not enough business owners are utilizing this type of technology. One Smart Assistant in an office, restaurant, or hotel could seamlessly fill any gaps by providing customer support, or almost any other function you could think of.”

Utilizing the newest AI technology, Build-a-Butler provides seemingly endless possibilities in a modern and efficient package. Crone describes their mission: “We want to help move companies into a more innovative space and minimize the fear that comes with using new technologies. That involves creating easy-to-use products without breaking the bank.”

To receive the latest updates and information, or to be a beta tester for the website, sign up on Build-a-Butler’s website.



For further information regarding this release, please contact:

Ethan Smith, Social Media Specialist / Outreach


18 W 7th St, 3rd Floor, Cincinnati OH 45202