From prototype to profit, you bring the idea, we’ll bring the expertise

Our team is passionate about startups. We provide you with an unrivaled wealth of expertise from staff who have brought their own IT businesses from concept to commercialization. Not only do you receive Silicon Valley development skills at Mid-West prices, but you also tap into the expertise of business minds who have been there, done that and get a thrill from helping others achieve their goals.


Zoozler is a digital services provider that drives business growth through strategic thinking, smart design, and innovative solutions. We believe that the key in sustainable business growth is having a strong community of service providers. Our dedication to empowering our in-house talent enables us to deliver the high-quality results needed for business success.

Tech Lab                   

Bringing your great idea to life through technology

Scale rapidly and speed up time to market with Zoozler Tech Lab’s custom software development services.

From first-time entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 Corporations, our team provides innovative software solutions to match your needs and budget.

Web & App Design                                

Building websites and applications to maximize visibility of your product or service

Improve online visibility with a sleek, mobile-optimized website built by our team of designers and developers.

Our team also has extensive experience in native application creation, as well as future-reaching tech.

Marketing & Media

Offering digital solutions to grow your business

Our expertise delivers creative approaches to making and distributing online content that inspires action.

From advertising to social media, you get the brainpower and execution for all things digital under one roof.

Our Clients


 i-1-1 is an icon based mobile application that allows you to communicate an emergency to 911 in under 10 seconds in a format that responders know and use.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts is a digital community where users can leave their legacy by curating their experiences for generations to come.

Juble it!

Juble it! is a tool to help recognize quality content. Every time you Juble an item, a dollar is given to the content creator.


Physna uses a revolutionary process to dissect and analyze 3D objects using mathematics, physics, advanced algorithms, and artificial intelligence.


Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers provides mystery shopping services to clients in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Plan Truth

Plan Truth is a forum where patients and providers can share their experiences with different health care plans and learn from these experiences.

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