VIPs of Innovation is an exclusive program offered to innovative entrepreneurs worldwide, carefully chosen by Zoozler’s selection committee. Members have access to a large network of investors and a unique array of substantial benefits to significantly reduce the cost of running their companies.

The program boasts a fixed membership fee, with no additional cost to members, as well as access to significant services and benefits, including:

-Either $500 of free video services or business consultation services
-Major rate benefits in: Rent, advisory board matching, legal services, insurance, CPA services, CFO services, recruiting services, HR services, marketing services, tech development services, design, videography, fundraising services, sales services, etc.
-You also gain VIP access to select startup networking events
-Zoozler’s online investor matching program
-Marketing rights to highlight membership in Zoozler VIPs of Innovation
Featured in select Zoozler promotional materials

“The vast majority of companies fail because their founders lack the ability to focus,” says Paul Powers, CEO of Zoozler. “Having spent years working with hundreds of startups, we’ve decided to create a unique program that would help give the right means to entrepreneurs so they have the clarity, confidence, and support to grow highly successful businesses.”

Applying is designed to be as simple as possible:

Email Paul Powers directly at, or call +1-513-828-7398.

A member of the Zoozler selection committee must interview the applicant (by phone or in-person).

If any additional information is needed, it will be requested in the interview.

Reviews take place regularly, generally at least once per month.

The main attributes that will be evaluated are the founder or team, commitment to their company, the merit of the company’s proposition and the founder’s/team’s ability to make their company succeed.