Our Mission


Zoozler is an innovation hub driving business growth through technology. We structure our core around  transparency, innovation, and most importantly results for your business

Core Values 








Vision Statement 


To provide the highest quality, most scalable and effective technical solutions to fuel business growth around the world.

Technical Assurance 


At Zoozler, we are very selective of whom we work with. Our clients have top-notch talent at their disposal. AI, web, mobile, and IOT projects are the norm here.

Objective development and test driven development practices are at the core of our technical operations. When Zoozler builds an application, we begin automating quality assurance immediately. Automated tests are delivered with all code bases, allowing development integration at any point in the project life cycle, whether it’s 3 months or 3 years after a handoff.

The collaborative culture here has nurtured a great working relationship between our creative and engineering teams. From design to commercialization, we work with some of the leading experts in the United States to deliver world class solutions at Mid-West prices. 

Zoozler Client Website Application Development Top website design and development in Mid-West

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Zoozler LLC voted the #1 software development company in the state of Ohio and Kentucky

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