Have an idea and need tech?

We take your great idea and bring it to life through technology. Whether it’s an app, website, web portal, wearables, VR, augmented reality or any crazy technology on the market, we’ve got you covered.

How it works

It all starts with your idea

Our four-tiered process takes your idea from a concept to liquidation, and is customized for each project ensure that clients keep the absolute maximum equity possible.

Step 1


It’s critical for investors and customers to be able to grasp your company’s concept. This is done through creation of branding, e.g., logo, tagline, wireframe mockups, and product videos.

Step 2

Concept Validation

Concept Validation happens through the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP), Zoozler assures your product is viable and has a market or audience.

Step 3

Go to market

Once your product has been validated, it’s time to go live. We push your concept a step further in its evolution, complete with a detailed product launch plan and a consumer-facing version of your app or website.

Step 4

Launch and beyond

Every idea or business must have an end goal – to sell, go public or become the next big thing. We help transform your product into a sellable, scalable entity and connect you with potential buyers.

Last year alone startup investments topped


Support beyond technology

If accepted into the Tech Lab program, we share you idea with the Zoozler Venture Network. The network consists of thousands of partners, primarily investors, across the country.

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