Zoozler teams up with i-1-1 to bring a mobile app to consumers, enabling users to contact emergency services in 10 seconds, no matter the type of crisis.

Cincinnati, OH – August 1, 2017 – In the wake of tragedies such as school shootings or mass violence, and other emergencies like auto accidents, domestic violence, overdoses, and more, it has become abundantly apparent that something needs to change. Scott Boots, co-founder and CEO of the i-1-1 app aims to be that change.

i-1-1 is a mobile app making emergency reporting quicker, more accurate, and also helping people stay updated when near a danger situation. The user-friendly interface allows for quick navigation and a simple way to report an emergency in just a few taps. Using location-based technology, i-1-1 is designed to save lives by accurately providing the location of the user or the emergency.

Data shows that a standard call or text to 911 does not always accurately share your location, if it even shares it at all. When in extreme panic, unfamiliar surroundings, or an exceedingly dangerous situation, it may be hard to communicate your location with an operator.

“Every 53 minutes, someone dies because 911 couldn’t find them,” says Boots. “On a call, you can be located about 80% of the time – this number drops to 20% for text. The technology used by call centers is old and outdated, and people rely on it to save their lives, not die because they couldn’t be located.”

Instead of bouncing signals from cell towers in an attempt to triangulate a caller’s location, i-1-1 utilizes GPS to determine the user’s exact location. The app then alerts all other users within a 3-mile radius of the emergency using an advanced algorithm.

“What if an ambulance makes a wrong turn? What if an air care helicopter can’t land nearby? What if you’re on vacation and don’t speak English well enough to share your location?” questions Boots. “The technology that can fix these problems already exists, it just has to be implemented. That’s where i-1-1 comes in – as a tool to assist people in getting help when they need it most.”

You can expect the full launch of i-1-1 in Q4 of 2017.




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