Cincinnati technology development company, Zoozler, develops mobile application to provide heroin users with real-time assistance from certified care providers located nearby.

Cincinnati, OH – June 12, 2017 – Tackling overdose related deaths in the US is a daunting task, but the Hacking Heroin event gave Cincinnati a glimpse of what the tech community can do to help. One glimmer of hope is a mobile application named Lazarus, aimed at helping heroin users in their times of need.

Opioid addiction and overdose have run rampant across the United States, leading to three times more opioid related deaths in 2015 than in 2002. Since then, the heroin epidemic has aided in the rise of opioid related deaths as the number one cause of death in Americans under the age of 50.

For those who seek help, there is a limited window of opportunity. Designed by Zoozler employees and Robb Hedrick, Lazarus can offer immediate aid by connecting heroin users, in real-time, with certified care providers. The app provides location-based services at the tap of a single button, allowing responders to see the current location of the user, and act immediately. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Lazarus team hopes to save lives nationwide.

“The heroin epidemic is felt around the US, but especially in Greater Cincinnati,” the Lazarus team explains. “We are trying to create a support network for users who need help. Lazarus will create on-demand solutions that will educate and spread awareness, while also providing high quality care.” The team also describes how they hope that family members and friends of users download the app to stay prepared for a tragic situation, should the day come.

Team Lazarus took home the Crowd Favorite award at Hacking Heroin, and hopes to continue their efforts in further establishing Cincinnati as an innovation hub. Solving local issues is just the first step in the Lazarus plan, eventually working to become a nationally supported app helping users get back on their feet.

To become a beta tester of Lazarus, visit their site here.



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