Cincinnati, OH –June 7th, 2017 – Zoozler Tech Lab, the start-up focused wing of Cincinnati-based digital firm Zoozler, announced Wednesday its partnership with media/fintech startup Juble it!, a new platform that is reinventing the “like”.

At its core, Juble it! is a social media button that enables people to spread their appreciation for things they love on the web through small donations or tips.

Paolo Dominguez, Juble it! Founder and CEO, recognized a significant problem content creators and publishers were having – how to monetize content in an industry where advertising dollars continue to shift to social and mobile.

“Content creators have had the donate and tip buttons since the dawn of the internet, but it’s seen limited adoption. That’s because there’s too much friction in the payments experience on both sides of the coin (consumer and merchant). This has created large barriers for small donations and tips to make economic sense.”

Dominguez states that Juble it! reduces that friction and opens up new revenue streams for those media outlets that produce quality content. “There is an abundance of great content out there that the “like” inaccurately captures. It is flawed. It’s morphed into a popularity contest rather than a way to determine quality content and more importantly consumer sentiment.”

Dominguez had a business plan, but needed help bringing it from paper to product.  After connecting with Zoozler’s Head of Advanced Technology Jordan Crone, Dominguez started his relationship with Zoozler. Juble it! and the Zoozler Tech Lab will collaborate to create, scale and launch the product.

“The partnership with Zoozler was a perfect fit.” Dominguez states. “The Tech Lab model is unique in that it not only brings very talented tech expertise, but also connects me with funding sources and strategic partnerships at each stage of growth”.

Paul Powers, CEO of Zoozler agrees. “We [Zoozler] are excited about the opportunity that Juble it! brings to the market. They bring a unique approach to a growing problem in media, fintech, and adtech. We look forward to helping them capture this great opportunity.”

The product is set to launch this summer. For additional information on Juble it! and to become a beta tester visit



For further information regarding this release, please contact:

Ethan Smith, Social Media Specialist / Outreach


18 W 7th St, 3rd Floor, Cincinnati OH 45202