Cincinnati Tech Innovation Firm Zoozler Launches Global Investment Ecosystem

Zoozler, a web, app and media development and marketing company launches new endeavor, the Zoozler Venture Network, aimed at providing funding and additional resources to startups through a global network of investors, venture capitalists, and financial specialists.

Cincinnati, OH – May 25, 2017 – Cincinnati’s startup scene is booming, and Zoozler aims to keep it that way. The Zoozler Venture Network, the new wing of the digital company, Zoozler, is helping lead startups that need funding to investors and other financial specialists who are eager to get to work on the next big thing.

The Zoozler Venture Network, a global system of investors, provides support to business owners through investments and resources. The Venture Network raises necessary funding to take a company from an idea to an innovative product through direct investment, fundraising, self-directed IRA, and company liquidation.

“Cincinnati has an amazing, tight-knit startup community,” said Zoozler CEO Paul Powers, “and with our unique approach to innovation, we are really excited to be able to help other startups to grow into successful businesses.”

Zoozler’s in-house team of designers and developers bring every client through a transformative four-step process to ensure each client has a unique, fully branded, viable product that is able to be sold, or released to a specific market or audience.

Ranging from websites to virtual reality, Zoozler’s portfolio of tech businesses provide ample and diverse investment opportunities. Whether you’re an investor or a business owner seeking resources, the Zoozler Venture Network is teeming with opportunities.

Companies and individuals interested can apply online to become part of the Venture Network and convert their ideas into reality.

Zoozler is a web, app and media development and marketing company that utilizes the latest technology to optimize the growth of its clients.



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