It’s been a hectic past few months at Zoozler, but we couldn’t be happier with all that is going on. To keep it short and sweet here are a few highlights of the past few months:

  • Introduction of Zoozler Tech Lab: It’s been a whirlwind of a process getting established, but we are proud to formally announce the addition of a new wing of the company, Zoozler Tech Lab. Our goal with this program is to help business minded entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through technology. And we’re limitless with technical boundaries; whether it’s an app, website, web portal, wearables, VR, augmented reality or any crazy technology on the market, we’ve got it covered. Learn more about the program here or check out the intro video below the post.
  • A redesigned website: As you can probably tell, we completely revamped our website to help reflect in our own brand the quality of work we try to give you, our partners, on a regular basis. The site should be much faster and will be updated much more frequently as new happenings occur (including this blog).
  • New team members: Thanks to folks like you, we are growing at a tremendous rate. Between onboarding new projects, new company initiatives, new clients and beyond, we’ve been able to double our staff size this year and will continue to grow as the year progresses. You can check out our entire team here.
  • A monthly newsletter: In an attempt to be more transparent and keep in touch more frequently, we’ve started the Zoozler Digest. This newsletter will give readers an inside look into what we’re up to and what we’re reading. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

There is plenty more going on behind the scenes and we hope to share those exciting happenings in the near future. But for now, thank you for reading.

Jordan Crone
Head of Advanced Technology