Our Mission

Zoozler is an innovation hub driving business growth through technology. We build entirely in-house and structure our core around continuous improvement, transparency, innovation, and most importantly results for your business.

Zoozler was founded with one purpose: to transform modern technology from a weapon of the few into a tool for all. Whether by vastly overcharging, using long-term contracts or holding intellectual property rights to their clients’ websites hostage, unethical marketing businesses have managed to saturate the industry. Here, we do things differently than our competitors:


We provide transparent pricing. By understanding our clients’ needs and goals, we create a unique pricing scale to best generate a return on investment.

We do not lock you into any long-term contracts. We forfeit intellectual property over to clients. You own everything we create for you. Zoozler provides top-tier work with our in-house, local team. And rather than complicate things, we actually save you time.

Core Values

Results-driven, Transparent, Innovative, Continuously Improving

Vision Statement

To provide the highest quality, most scalable and effective technical solutions to fuel business growth around the world.

Technical Assurance

At Zoozler, we are very selective of whom we hire. Our clients have top notch start-up talent at their disposal. AI, web, mobile, and IOT projects are the norm here, but how is a client reinsured Zoozler will deliver quality technology?

Objective development and test driven development practices are the core of our technical operations. When Zoozler builds an application, we begin automating quality assurance immediately. Automated tests are delivered with all code bases, allowing development integration at any point in the project life cycle, whether it’s 3 months or 3 years after a handoff.

The collaborative culture here has nurtured a great working relationship between our creative and engineering teams. Every product that is packaged for our customers has panache, pizazz, and is gracefully engineered. Our work is built with scale in mind.

A word from our CEO

Whether by vastly overpaying for web development or via long-term tricky contracts, many digital companies have fallen into the temptation of short-sighted banditry and developed a mob-like business model, which is not only widespread, but (unfortunately) also legal. At best, their model says ‘Pay the price and stay afloat, or drown in your own irrelevance to the modern world.’

We founded Zoozler with the sole purpose of bursting this ever-growing bubble. We are putting the choice of prosperity back on the menu and with our ethics-based business model, the internet will become the useful tool it has always had the potential of being.

Concretely, we achieve this goal in a no-nonsense manner by implementing fairness both economically and legally:

First of all, we provide transparent pricing. Our clients are given customized price ranges with the sole purpose of generating a return on their investment. No long-term contracts are mandated and there are no “start-up” or “cancellation” fees. We also never post-invoice, meaning you always know what you will be paying before work begins.

Secondly, Zoozler forfeits intellectual property rights to clients. Most of our competition uses the law to its advantage in ways few clients would ever predict. These companies keep the rights to everything they develop and when the monthly payments stop, everything depended upon by that client is ripped from the internet – effectively putting that client out of business. Zoozler’s clients maintain the rights to everything developed by Zoozler for which they have paid.

Thirdly, we focus on quality and simplicity. Most of our competition outsources all work to third-parties – often without the client’s knowledge. At Zoozler, all work is performed in house by our own people. Although it requires great organization and careful hiring and training to provide such a vast, all-inclusive array of skilled services, we do not use freelancers or outsource work anywhere – especially not to shady and/or foreign companies. This adds not only to the quality of the work, but also makes dealing with Zoozler far easier for the client. We encourage our clients to meet our team in-person, to see our offices and even to watch their work being developed. Zoozler strives to make life easier, not more complicated.

It is our hope and firm belief that our success will only increase over time – not despite our high standards and ethics, but precisely because of them.

We hope to work with you soon,

Paul Powers

CEO, Zoozler


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