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At Zoozler Tech Lab we take your great idea and bring it to life through technology. Whether it’s an app, website, web portal, wearables, VR, augmented reality or any crazy technology on the market, we’ve got you covered.

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What to expect

Complete transparency and team work. Period. We collectively come up with a plan of action, develop your technology, and make sure your branding is on point all while being an open book.


How it works

We take your great idea and bring it to life through technology. Our team of experienced developers is ready to build technology solutions for your startup with a high likelihood of success.

Web Development

Who we are

We are a team of agile doers: creatives, developers, designers, digital marketers, and branding specialists. We are passionate about your venture, driven, and armed with a plan.

Other things to know

Acceptance Rate

Zoozler Tech Lab wants to succeed as much as you do. We also have a finite capacity. In all we have roughly a 3% acceptance rate for projects.

Agile Project Methodology

Our team works under agile methodology, breaking larger tasks in to smaller, more manageable and easily testable tasks. This also means we develop extremely quickly.

Technical Assurance

Objective development and test driven development practices are the core of our technical operations. When Zoozler builds an application, we begin automating quality assurance immediately. Automated tests are delivered with all code bases, allowing development integration at any point in the project life cycle.


Zoozler has built and collaborated on many software applications and command line interface tools. This overview summarizes examples of our capabilities and expertise in the digital field.

Note: our technical capabilities are not limited to the examples listed below.

Industries We Have Contributed To:

  • Media and communications
  • Fintech
  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Social Media and Chat
  • eCommerce and Consumer Goods
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Government Services
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Food Service
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Technology and software development tools

Product Groups We Have Contributed To:

  • Large-scale web applications
  • Native mobile applications
  • Custom content and learning management systems
  • Augmented reality applications
  • IOT security and sensor-based applications
  • Real time chat systems
  • JavaScript embeddables
  • Mobile, console, and browser-based games
  • Wearables
  • OTT applications
  • Internal enterprise applications
  • Artificial-intelligence-driven applications

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