The VIPs of Innovation – an Exclusive Network of Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Cincinnati, OH – November 28, 2017 – VIPs of Innovation is an exclusive program offered to innovative entrepreneurs worldwide, carefully chosen by Zoozler’s selection committee. Members have access to a large network of investors and a unique array of substantial benefits to significantly reduce the cost of running their companies.

The program boasts a fixed membership fee, with no additional cost to members, as well as access to significant services and benefits, including:

  • Either $500 of free video services or business consultation services
    • Major rate benefits in:
    • Rent
    • Advisory board matching
    • Legal services
    • Insurance
    • CPA services
    • CFO services
    • Recruiting services
    • HR services
    • Marketing services
    • Tech development services
    • Design
    • Videography
    • Fundraising services
    • Sales services
    • etc.
  • You also gain VIP access to select startup networking events
  • Zoozler’s online investor matching program
  • Marketing rights to highlight membership in Zoozler VIPs of Innovation
  • Featured in select Zoozler promotional materials

“The vast majority of companies fail because their founders lack the ability to focus,” says Paul Powers, CEO of Zoozler. “Having spent years working with hundreds of startups, we’ve decided to create a unique program that would help give the right means to entrepreneurs so they have the clarity, confidence, and support to grow highly successful businesses.”

Applying is designed to be as simple as possible:

Email Paul Powers directly at, or call +1-513-828-7398.
A member of the Zoozler selection committee must interview the applicant (by phone or in-person).
If any additional information is needed, it will be requested in the interview.
Reviews take place regularly, generally at least once per month.
The main attributes that will be evaluated are the founder or team, commitment to their company, the merit of the company’s proposition and the founder’s/team’s ability to make their company succeed.

Juble it! Wins Big at Tech Summit

Juble It
Our friend and client, Paolo Dominguez, and his team at Juble it! were the recipients of the “Big Idea Award” at the 2017 ComSpark Innovation Tech Summit.

Cincinnati OH – October 3, 2017 – Hundreds of guests gathered last week in Mason for the 2017 ComSpark Innovation Tech Summit. The annual two-day trade show brings together a myriad of tech companies, startups, investors, and students, all for one purpose – innovation.

ComSpark provides a platform for the growing Cincinnati tech community to celebrate accomplishments, milestones, and innovation, through their website, events, and more. This year’s summit welcomed vendors such as Zoozler, and Physna, speakers and discussions featuring prominent executives from the Cincinnati area, and startup booths, for small companies to attract more business and spread awareness.

Among the startups in attendance was Juble it! – the social media button enabling people to spread their appreciation for things they love on the web through small donations or tips. Helmed by Paolo Dominguez, also named the 2017 Rising Tech Star, Juble it! was granted the Big Idea Award.

Follow their journey through their website and social media, as they prepare to present at the 2018 StartupGrind Global Conference in Silicon Valley.

Questions with Founders: Vladimir Fridman, Plan Truth

Ethan Smith sat down for a chat with Vladimir Fridman, the founder and CEO of Plan Truth, an innovative platform where users can share their experiences with their healthcare provider, to learn more about what keeps the innovative entrepreneur motivated.


Vlad, I’m not very familiar with healthcare insurance – can you explain to me what Plan Truth is, and what it does?

“Plan Truth is the only place you can visit on the web to learn specifically about each healthcare plan in your state. It’s a forum where consumers can come together with healthcare providers to share their healthcare plan experiences and rate how well their plan meets their needs.”

And this covers any type of health insurance?

“Our website covers the main insurance programs in each state like Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, and private insurance too. If someone wants to learn more about Medicare, or about a specific insurance provider like BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Humana, or any specific plan, they just select the state they live in, and whether they’re a patient or provider, and they can review each major plan offered in that state.”

That actually sounds extremely useful. What made you decide to venture out and become an entrepreneur?

“I am a cardiologist by practice, and every year I am asked hundreds of times: ‘what’s the best health insurance for me?’ I had no way of answering this, and there’s not a lesson on insurance in medical school, so I turned to the internet to learn more about the options out there. I couldn’t find much, but after a little more than a decade, I’ve learned a lot about the insurance world, and felt that I had to do something to help. It is such a disservice to anyone not to know their own insurance plan, or what their deductible is.”

Entrepreneurship plus cardiology sounds pretty intense. Do you have any advice to give to someone that aspires to be an entrepreneur?

“If I were to say anything, I would say to learn a specific field first, then try to change it or innovate it. For example, if I wanted to change the way air traffic control worked, that would not be possible. After more than ten years of actual practice in medicine, I learned how the field really works – so then I started seeing ways I could improve it. How do you know what needs to be fixed if you’re not in the nitty-gritty? You have to look at the status quo and your set of skills before you can really determine what needs to be fixed.”

For more information, visit, and expect the updated site to launch Q4 of 2017.

To whom it may concern: Sticky Hands

To whom it may concern,

We decided to buy one of your sticky, wacky hands for our office to allow employees to grab things without getting up. Brilliant, right?

At first, it was great – our efficiency skyrocketed – we were able to grab pens and other supplies from distances never before possible. The office was ecstatic. What other uses would it have?

Sticking the hand to the ceiling above our co-worker’s head was thought to be a genius prank – one that would innocently startle the unaware victim below when it fell. We waited, and waited, and waited. As hours passed, we became increasingly anxious as to when it would fall and worried the joke would be all but wasted by falling over the weekend. To our dismay, the wacky hand was still firmly adhered to the ceiling when we returned that Monday. We were conned into believing we would be playing with our sticky hand for weeks and could not have been more wrong. Our blue wacky hand may now be lost forever.

Here we sit, writing this, with our sticky hand still cemented to the ceiling two entire weeks after it was originally thrown. We are deeply inconvenienced to have to reach out and inform you of this situation.

Your toy is capable of many things – including bringing much joy and saving bundles of time – but it has created a palpable sense of angst in our office.


Disappointed (Martin, the intern)



**UPDATE: After 3 weeks, the thing is still on the ceiling.



Questions with Founders: David Groomes, Whistle

Ethan Smith of Zoozler sat down for a chat with David, the founder and CEO of the college campus safety app, Whistle, to learn a little more about what keeps the innovative entrepreneur motivated.


Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

I don’t think that being an entrepreneur is something you can just wake up and do. It’s almost this inherent passion that drives you to pour all of your energy into your work. If you can’t commit everything, and dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes, you’re not setting yourself up for success – you either quit or keep going. What really pushed me to create Whistle was seeing the amount of sexual assault and violence on college campuses. One specific story about a young college student who was on a jog and was sexually assaulted, then killed, brought me to tears, just thinking about that poor woman, and then her dad having to deal with what happened to her while at she was at her university – and that’s when I decided someone needed to create a solution.


What keeps you going if you lose motivation?

My motivation comes from everything I’ve done to get Whistle to where it is now. From the vision, to the tech and business, I’ve learned how to do it all by myself – I even deleted my own programmer’s GitHub and learned to code myself. I kept going through every obstacle because I knew no one else was going to do it for me, and I needed to help create a better alternative to the blue light emergency phones that were invented over 25 years ago. My goal is to save people from going through traumatic experiences by being the ‘blue phone’ in your pocket.


So what’s next?

I have a vision to be in the pocket of every college student. If a student is worried they’re being followed, or they’re afraid to walk to their car alone at night, they can press a button and have someone come help them out. Whistle is providing an effective solution to on-campus emergency phones, while letting off-campus events remain safe too. We can save reputations and lives by implementing our app across campuses. Using technology as old as blue light emergency phones is not effective, and does not prevent assault, or promote accessibility. The chance that someone would be assaulted near a blue phone, or be able to stick around after they called is pretty slim.


Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

To succeed in anything you do, you need to always bring passion. If you aren’t passionate about your ideas, how do you plan on truly making an impact? You have to be willing to put everything on the line for your idea – if it’s risking your reputation, or just runs the risk of failure, you still need to be willing to take a chance. Other entrepreneurs in Cincinnati sincerely want to see everyone succeed, we really thrive on it, it’s exciting. You just have to remember that to stand out, you can’t stand in – you have to pave your own lane and carry out your vision.

For more information on Whistle, visit